Draw Something Hits 100 Million Downloads

Posted Feb 20, 2013

OMGPOP is a social gaming company that was acquired by Zynga for around $180 million in March of last year.  OMGPOP’s break-out hit game that was most appealing to Zynga is called Draw Something.  Draw Something is in game that is very similar to Pictionary and it hit around 50 million downloads in the first 7 weeks of going live.

Many OMGPOP executives and staff members joined Zynga including CEO Dan Porter.  Porter is currently the VP and General Manager at Zynga in New York City to talk about OMGPOP.  He said that OMGPOP has surpassed 100 million downloads.  Porter said that things are still about the same for the company following the acquisition.

?We are still the same group of New Yorkers in our same office having more fun than should be allowed at work. Our office attire and dress code is truly appalling,” he says. ?But of course we have access to bigger resources and more shared knowledge. It’s not exactly the same as being a start up but there are also things that are a pain when you are a start up – so it all nets out.?

In the past year, Draw Something users has drawn over 11 billion drawings and have played for around 28 thousand years.  The application has been #1 in 84 different countries in the past 12 months.  They peaked in spring of last year when around 3,000 drawings were being made every second.  Draw Something has even been used to ask for dates and even to propose a marriage.  Around 5 couples were engaged through a drawing on Draw Something.

?When someone musters their best stick figure drawing to propose, then you know they truly care,? added Porter. ?And it sure as heck beats a text message (yes I’m looking at you someone in my office who proposed by text). At least with Draw Something you get lots of colors too!”

[Source: Mashable]