DreamBox Learning Raises $11 Million From Reed Hastings, John Doerr, Deborah Quazzo, and GSV Capital

Posted Dec 7, 2011

DreamBox Learning is an e-learning company for students that has raised $11 million in a new round of funding. netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr, Deborah Quazzo, and GSV Capital Corp. is participating in this round of funding. DreamBox has raised a total of $18 million in funding.

DreamBox Learning launched in 2008 and has over 500 math lessons, puzzles, games, etc. These lessons have been designed for children that are between kindergarten and 5th grade.

DreamBox assesses the mathematical abilities of students and provides them with hints if they cannot figure out the answer. DreamBox provides teachers with assessment tools so that they can track the progress of children.

?DreamBox Learning has cracked the code on improving early educational outcomes for every child ? regardless of zip code,? stated Doerr in a release. ?Their robust math curriculum and adaptive learning technology is a game-changer, transforming education across the country.?

About 500,000 elementary students have logged in to DreamBox since fall 2010 from all 50 states. About 11 million lessons have been viewed altogether. DreamBox will be using the funds to expand their curriculum and for future product development.