Drew Carey Will Bid $1 Million For @Drew Twitter Username If He Hits 1 Million Followers

Posted Oct 7, 2009

Drew Carey, the star of The Drew Carey Show, the host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and the current host of The Price Is Right has made a bid for a Twitter account. Drew Carey initially said that he would bid up to $100,000 for the user name @Drew on Twitter if he reaches 100,000 followers by November 9th. The @Drew Twitter account is being auctioned off by Drew Olanoff, a man who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Olanoff will be donating the money from the bid to the Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG foundation.

Back in August, we reported about 23andMe’s involvement in the #BlameDrewsCancer initiative. For every 500 unique tweets that used the #BlameDrewsCancer hashtag, the company would donate $1 to the cause.

Now Drew Carey said that he would increase his bid to $1 million for the @Drew account if his own Twitter account @DrewFromTV username hits 1 million followers by December 31, 2009. Carey said that he will also prorate the donation. So if he hits 500,000 followers, he will donate $500,000. So far Drew Carey has nearly 54,000 followers.