Drexel University Students Showcase Tweets On 36×62-Foot Projection

Posted Jun 6, 2010

Digital media students at Drexel University in Philadelphia set up a 36 x 62 foot projection system that shows tweets seven stories high.  Anyone with a Twitter account can send a non-explicit tweet for approval to the building in order to make university announcements with other students.  Not a bad way to spread news about the university.

If a student sends a tweet to @digmGrafitti, there’s a chance that it will appear on the “Social Graffiti” system.  Social Graffiti was put together by Matthew Morton and Chad Porche.  Cara Schroeder, Burak Ozmucar, Kurt Gawinowicz, and Kerry Russo also participated on the project.  If you are in Philadelphia, check it out at Nesbitt Hall at 33rd and Market.