Dropbox Passes 100 Million Users, Storing 1 Billion New Files Per Day

Posted Nov 13, 2012

Online storage company Dropbox has passed 100 million users.  Dropbox has quadrupled their user base in the last year. Dropbox faces competition from larger companies like Google, Apple, Amazon.com, and Microsoft.  Earlier we wrote about how Steve Jobs called up Drew Houston to acquire Dropbox, but he turned down his offer.

?Even 100 million is still at a single dot percentage of the people we could reach,? -Dropbox CEO Drew Houston

Every day, Dropbox users are storing over 1 billion files on their service.  “That’s more tweets than are on Twitter,” added Mr. Houston.  Dropbox raised around $250 million in VC funding last year and the company now has a valuation of around $4 billion.