Dropbox acquires photo app Loom, integrating it into Carousel

Posted Apr 18, 2014

Cloud storage company Dropbox has acquired Loom for an undisclosed amount of money. Loom’s user base will be rolled into Dropbox’s new Carousel app by May 16 and Loom will be shut down after that. Loom is no longer accepting new users. Loom’s 8-person team will be joining Dropbox to work on Carousel.

“We know this is a big deal. This decision was made with great care. We have worked hard on our product and feel that our vision aligns perfectly with Dropbox’s vision for Carousel. Dropbox has invested the past seven years focusing on building a secure home for your files. And now with Carousel comes a home for your photos and videos as well,” stated Loom co-founder Jan Senderek on the company website.

Dropbox will offer users that joined Carousel the same storage quota that they paid for with Loom for an entire year for free. Loom offered 5GB for free, 50GB for $49.99, and 10GB for $99.99. This is slightly lower than Dropbox’s storage costs.

Unfortunately, migrating files from Loom to Carousel will be a manual process by users. However, Dropbox will be setting up a seamless export process with detailed instructions.