Dropbox acquires Zulip

Posted Mar 18, 2014

Dropbox has acquired Zulip has acquired workplace chat service Zulip, according to TechCrunch. Zulip said that nothing much would change for the time being, but the company will integrate with Dropbox in the future. Zulip competes with other workplace messaging services like Yammer and Convo.


Zulip users could participate in private conversations and drag-and-drop files. Zulip’s founders previously worked at Oracle and includes: Jeff Arnold, Waseem Daher, Jessica McKellar, and Tim Abbott. Investors in Zulip includes Paul English (part-time lecturer at the MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship Center) and Meraki co-founders Sanjit Biswas and Hans Robertson.

Below is an e-mail that Zulip sent to customers:

Psst? hey, you! Yeah, you, the one using Zulip.
We have some news for you, but you gotta keep it secret. Can you do that? Alright, sweet.

Here?s the deal: Dropbox is acquiring Zulip. We?re incredibly excited about working with an awesome group of people on a problem with huge scale, at a company that?s as passionate as we are about helping people work together efficiently.

We couldn?t have gotten here without your support, enthusiasm, and evangelism ? so, thank you!

But enough about us: what does this mean for the service you?ve come to love and enjoy?

For our customers, tomorrow it?s business as usual at Zulip. Please use all of the same channels to reach us with questions. As we make progress on integrating with Dropbox, I?m sure that we?ll have more announcements about what the product roadmap looks like going forward.

Again, please don?t share this news. We intend to announce this publicly in a few weeks, but wanted to give you folks a heads-up since you?ve supported us from the beginning.

Thanks again for your support, and if you find yourself in San Francisco, come and say hi!

From all of us here at Zulip,

Jeff, Waseem, Jessica, Tim, Luke, Zev, Leo, Allen, acrefoot, Steve, and Jason