Dropbox Announces Rebuild Of Business Services, 200M Users, And 1B Files Saved Per Day

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Dropbox, the popular cloud storage company, has announced a rebuild of Dropbox For Business.  This gives business users the ability to switch between personal and work accounts.

“Some people think there’s a consumer version of Dropbox, and there’s this different enterprise version of Dropbox, and we think that’s ridiculous,” stated Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.

The notifications in the product are labeled as personal or the name of the company.  IT administrators can determine if certain users can access files on personal devices or not.  They can also decide with whom work files can be shared with.

If an employee leaves the company, IT administrators can wipe out that user’s account.  There are 4 million businesses that use Dropbox, including Kayak, BCBG, and National Geographic.  Around 97% of the Fortune 500 uses Dropbox.

Dropbox now has over 200 million users and over a billion files saved per day.

[Source: CNET]