Dropbox To Block People Trying To Game HTC Promo

Posted Apr 5, 2012

Dropbox announced a promotion that would allow HTC phone owners that have devices working with HTC Sense 4.0 to have access to 23GB of online storage free for two years. However some people found a work around that would let anybody receive the free storage even if they don’t have an HTC phone. Dropbox warned people that use that method will be blocked.

The work-around was posted on the XDA-Developers’ forum on March 17th. There was a link and instructions on how to download and install the APK app with access to large storage capacity on any smartphone.

Dropbox Support work a blog post saying that the promotion has not officially started and it will not until launch until devices like the One X, One S, and One V start shipping in the U.S. “The method to earn 23GB that is being circulated… on blogs and forums is illegitimate,” said Dropbox. “We plan to remove any space received using this method.”