Dropbox Hires Python Creator Guido Van Rossum

Posted Dec 8, 2012

Dropbox has hired Google executive and programming expert Guido van Rossum.  Van Rossum is known for creating the original Python programming language, which happens to be Dropbox CEO Drew Houston’s favorite language.  Dropbox has been built primarily on Python.  Here is what Houston wrote in a blog post:

From the beginning, it was clear that Dropbox had to support every major operating system. Historically, doing so presented a serious challenge for developers: because each platform required different development tools and programming languages, developers had to write the same code multiple times.

We didn?t have time for that, and fortunately Python came to the rescue. Several years earlier, Python became my favorite programming language because it had a balance of simplicity, flexibility, and elegance. These qualities of Python, and the community?s work to support every major platform, let us write the code just once before running it everywhere. They have also influenced our greater design philosophy at Dropbox as we set out to build a simple product that brings your life together.

Dropbox currently has 100 million users and is sharing around 1 billion files per day.  Python is a high-level programming language with a clear syntax and over 25,000 extension modules.

[Source: Dropbox Blog]