Dropbox iOS App Has A New Design and Photo Tab

Posted Dec 15, 2012

Dropbox has redesigned their iPhone application, which is known as Dropbox 2.0.  The new version still uses Dropbox’s modern blue design.  The bottom icons now include the home screen, photo and video syncing, favorites, and settings.

The bottom Photos tab brings up a gallery of images uploaded from anywhere and allows users to scroll through them.  The Photos tab has replaced the Uploads tab.  The uploads are now done through a + icon at the top of each folder.


When you select a photo, you will also be able to see it in full screen.  “This means you can get maximum real estate when you?re flipping through puppy photos, or those pics of your bare feet. And to make things even better, our new speedy scroller will help you navigate all the way back to time immemorial (or your earliest photos) in seconds. Even if you have ‘Billions and Billions’ of them.”

[Source: Dropbox Blog]