Dropbox Launches A Windows 8 Application

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Dropbox has arrived on the Windows Store and is compatible with the Windows 8 operating system and Windows RT devices.  Dropbox is a cloud storage service that passed 100 million registered users in November.  The company recently hired Python creator Guido Van Rossum and acquired Audiogalaxy.  Dropbox also acquired a photo cloud aggregation company called SnapJoy last month.

The Dropbox Windows 8 application lets you browse and preview all of your files and photos.  You can also open, edit, and save files from other Windows 8 applications.  The Share Charm on the applications lets you share photos, files, or folders as well.  You can find your files with the Search Charm built into the application.  The application has a “tiled” user interface and it has the ability to share on Facebook.

Below is a screenshot of the application: