Dropbox Acquires Online File Sharing Startup PiCloud

Posted Nov 18, 2013

Dropbox has acquired an online file sharing startup called PiCloud.  PiCloud offers instant access to a virtual supercomputer.  The PiCloud Platform will remain as an open source project called Multyvac.

?We?re so proud of how far PiCloud has come, but it?s become clear that the industry we?ve chosen is not ready for the fast-paced growth demanded by a venture-backed business,? said PiCloud.  ?For this reason, the team has decided to join Dropbox, a company full of bright, ambitious individuals whose values remind us of our own.?  This indicates that PiCloud struggled to find funding.

PiCloud’s engineers will be joining Dropbox to help outside developers create software and services that connect to Dropbox.  They will also build application programming interfaces (APIs) for Dropbox.

[Source: PiCloud Blog]