Drync Raises $900,000, Releases App For Scanning Wine Labels

Posted Aug 14, 2013

Drync is a wine application company that has launched a full featured wine discovery and e-commerce mobile app that lets users buy almost any wine instantly by taking a photo of the label.  It’s no wonder that people call Drync the “Shazam for Wine.”

Drync users can track, share, and buy wine in seconds using their mobile device.  Drync has over 30,000 wines available for sale to consumers in 41 states.

Funding: Drync has raised $900,000 to expand their fulfillment and marketing.  It will also be used to further develop the product.  Investment was provided by Mark Hastings (Garvin Hill Capital Fund managing partner) and Andrew Moss (BuyWithMe founder).

?The Drync team has developed an elegant solution to an age-old problem for wine drinkers: ?I love this wine. Now, where can I get it??? stated Hastings. ?Drync is the only product on the market that bridges the gap between trying a wine you love, remembering it, and buying it again. Drync has the potential to completely change how people discover and buy wine.?

The free application is available today on iOS.  It will be available on Android soon.  It can instantly identify over 1.7 million wines.