Dunder Mifflin Is Crowdsourcing Their Super Bowl Ad

Posted Jan 21, 2013

You may know Dunder Mifflin as the paper company that the characters in The Office work for.  You may be surprised to hear that Dunder Mifflin is a real company.  That company is actually crowdsourcing their first Super Bowl ad too.  However that Super Bowl ad will only air in Scranton, Pennsylvania — the same city that The Office is based in.

NBC Universal partnered with Staples subsidiary Quill in 2011 to create Dunder Mifflin products.  Before that, Dunder Mifflin was simply a fictitious brand.  The Dundler Mifflin brand ended up being successful and started expanding to other paper products in November like tissues, cups, notepads, and markers.  Dunder Mifflin has partnered with crowdsourcing platform Tongal to create the ad.  Last week Tongal started to solicit bids for the project.  The producers of The Office are reviewing the entries too.

The winner of the competition will receive $15,000 and the ad will run in Scranton.  Tongal recently raised $15 million in funding from a private equity company.

[Source: Mashable]