Dungeons and Dragons Internet Fans Mourn The Loss Of Dave Arneson

Posted Apr 15, 2009

Dave Arneson, the co-founder of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons passed away last week.  The news of his passing caused the Dungeons & Dragons Internet community to mourn through blog posts and Twitter.  On the Wizards of the Coast, there was a message about Arneson that stated: ?Whether you?re a lifelong D&D player or a newcomer to RPGs, a traditional paper-and-pencil gamer or an online role-player, we all owe a great debt of thanks to Dave Arneson and his groundbreaking Blackmoor game.?

Below are several Twitter posts regarding Arneson’s passing:

– @pomorev: Putting kids to bed. Blogged about the passing of Dave Arneson. I’ll roll some d20s in his honour this Friday. Freedompastor.blogspot.com
– @flazter: Blizzard Dedicates WoW Patch 3.1 To Dave Arneson, http://htxt.it/PCRc
– @SethHorn: Aw crap. Dave Arneson died too. This sucks. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4news/20090409
– @ThomAllen: Jimmy Fallon monolog, “D&D creator Dave Arneson buried in 12 sided coffin.” said only geeks would get that.
– @Will_Belegon: Just discovered Dave Arneson, who helped invent RPG’s, passed away April 7th. Godspeed Dave, and thank you for hours of fun.

Arneson and the other Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax partnered in the 1970s to create a naval war game which was called Don’t Give Up The Ship.  After that they created an idea to adventure into dungeons in the game Blackmoor.  From that idea came the idea Dungeons & Dragons which was released by Tactical Studies Rules in 1974.  About 20 million people became Dungeons & Dragons fans.  Gygax died last year.  Before both of the co-creators deaths, Arneson sued Gygax and Tactical over royalty issues.  The lawsuit had been resolved and both co-creators are being acknowledged on the packaging of Dungeons & Dragons.