Dustin Moskovitz Sells 1.3 Million Facebook Shares

Posted Sep 1, 2012

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has sold off 1.35 million Facebook shares in the social networking company over the last 2 weeks.  Moskovitz converted some of his Class B shares (voting rights) to Class A shares.

He has been getting rid of stock at 150,000 shares per day since a couple of days after the lock-up period.

Moskovitz offloaded 1.35 million shares in total at prices that range from $19.19 to $19.99 each.  He has been able to raise around $26.2 million through the sale.  Moskovitz still owns 6.15 million class A shares and 106.8 million Class B shares according to filings with the SEC.

Early Facebook investor Peter Thiel sold around $400 million worth of Facebook stock last week, which takes his stake down by 72%.

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