Dylan Casey Joins Yahoo! From Path

Posted May 13, 2013

Yahoo! Inc. has hired Dylan Casey from Path where he was the director of product management, according to AllThingsD.  Casey oversaw the recruitment of Path’s product management team and helped manage the product road map process including Path’s new messaging features.

Casey previously worked at Google in various roles within marketing and product management.  Casey helped lead and develop Google’s real-time search.  He also helped drive growth on Google+.  When he is not at work, he spends a lot of time cycling professional and even spent time riding with Lance Armstrong before retiring in 2003.

At Google, Casey worked closely with Marissa Mayer where she was a former executive.  Now that Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo!, Casey will fit in nicely.  It is unknown what Casey will be working on at Yahoo!, but likely it will revolve around product management.  A source with AllThingsD said that Casey is expected to report to SVP Jay Rossiter at the Platforms division.