Dyson Air Multiplier Fan Will Run You $300, But It Looks Awesome

Posted Oct 15, 2009

Dyson has invented a new gadget that takes an old technology and gives it a modern twist. This old technology I’m referring to are fans. Fans have always depended on blades for keeping consumers cool. But now these blades are no longer needed as Dyson has discovered. The Dyson Air Multiplier runs for $299 at 10″ or $329 at 12″.

The bottom grill of the fan is used for air intake. The air is transported up to the top of the device and blows it out in big gusts. The gusts are made through the “loop amplifier.” The loop makes the fan look like a big magnifying glass. And the best part of this device is that the chances of collecting dust are less than traditional fans. The Air Multiplier is safer than traditional fans because the blades on a regular fan can hurt the fingers of a baby.

One of the disadvantages of this modern fan is that it won’t provide the same entertainment for kids as traditional fans. For example, kids like to talk close up to a fan and listen to what they say have to say with a flange or wah-wah effect.