Dyson DC 31 Vacuum Boasts World’s Fastest Motor

Posted Jun 30, 2009

Dyson is best known for building vacuum cleaners and the DC 31 is no exception.  What distinguishes the DC31 from all the other vacuums out there is that it spots the world’s fastest motor with a speed that is ten times greater than a Boeing 747 aircraft engine. The DC 31 is the latest vacuum cleaner from Sir James Dyson, a British inventor.

This machine may be the first of many products to feature the built-in motor.  The motor speed is 104,000 revolutions per minute and turns 10 times faster than a commercial aircraft and five times faster than a Formula 1 engine.

The vacuum weighs 2.2 lbs. and uses a rechargeable battery.  It is designed for cleaning cars and certain areas around a household.  Dyson employed about 50 motor engineers to work on this product at the headquarters in Wiltshire, England.  Many of these motor engineers have automotive experience.  The Dyson DC 31 will be on sale for £129 ($212) next month.

[via Telegraph]