Dyson Patents A Faucet That Can Also Dry Your Hands

Posted Dec 3, 2012

Vacuum cleaner company Dyson has filed a patent for a water tap that can also dry your hands.  The patent has a design of a mechanism that will blast water and will shoot drying air on your hands.  U.S. patent application 2012/0291195 was filed last week and is operates hands-free with sensors that release water from the underside of a spout and is numbered 10 in the image below:

After you are done, another sensor will recognize when you place each hand with your palm open beneath a pair of left-hand and right-hand ducts, which will zap dry warm air through the nozzles in the base.  The numbers in the diagram for the warmers are indicated by 11a, 11b, 11c, and 11d.

It is unknown whether Dyson will actually develop and commercialize the product is a big question mark.