eBaums World Office Shut Down by ZVUE

Posted Feb 2, 2009

This past October I wrote about how Carl Page is having a tough time managing ZVUE Corporation (NASDAQ:ZVUE).  ZVUE basically ran several web properties include Putfile.com, Dorks.com, and Holylemon.com.  Carl Page, the brother of Google founder Larry put in about $1 million of his own money into the company.  Only to find out that now the stock is trading at $0.02 per share.  Last year, ZVUE shut down their San Francisco office.  And now they have shut down the office of one of their major web properties: eBaumsworld.com.

The eBaumsworld.com team will all be let go after running the website for about 10 years.  The eBaumsworld team all left on a bitter note as expressed on the eBaumsworld blog:

“Without us, I am sure the site will not run nearly as smoothly anymore since there is a brand new team running it and they have no idea what they are doing. Please do not email me with complaints about eBaum’s world or that they are featuring the same content. And don’t be fooled, they are continuing to post content in my name and other previous users/staff on the site to make people think we are still there. I assure you it is not any of us. We can all now be found here!”A

Although the eBaumsworld team is gone from the site, they will be launching eBaum.tv in the next several weeks.

The reaction to eBaumsworld team being laid off in social media was found bittersweet.  eBaumsworld is often accused of stealing content from others.  For example if a funny video was found on YouTube or a funny picture was found on Flickr, eBaumsworld was upload it to their own site in order to keep traffic coming in.  Personally I was a fan of eBaumsworld’s sound boards.  It gave me great pleasure in high school to call a friend and play some Arnold Schwarznegger quotes for them.