eBay Inc (EBAY) buys machine translation technology from AppTek

Posted Jun 13, 2014

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) has announced the acquisition of machine translation technology from AppTek. eBay will absorb the talent and intellectual property from AppTek.


Around 8 people from AppTek?s 10-person team will join eBay, including one of the co-founders. The other will work with AppTek to run another business unit, according to TechCrunch. eBay will continue to serve AppTek?s customers in the near term, which include many government agencies. The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Founded in 1990 by Mohammad Shihadah and Mudar Yaghi, AppTek recently started to develop hybrid machine translation software, which will help eBay improve its own internal machine translation capabilities.

eBay will now be able to rapidly roll out more translation capabilities on its website. eBay wants to offer more services for buyers and sellers, including a listing service that would help sellers list in multiple languages rather than turning to third parties for help. eBay also plans to develop instant messaging tools between buyers and sellers that can translate between languages in real time.

[Source: TechCrunch]