eBay Inc (EBAY) launches eBay Valet

Posted Jun 17, 2014

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) has announced that it has launched eBay Valet. This app expands eBay’s “eBay Sell For Me” service. The app makes it easier for new eBay users and people without much time to sell goods.


eBay Valet lets users take a picture of whatever they are trying to sell and quickly add a description. eBay “valets” the auction from there. This means that people who work for eBay can vet your items for sales, research eBay listings, and determine the best way to list the items, including how to price them. They will give you a valuation quote, which you can accept or decline.

Once you accept, your items will be posted and given two weeks to sell. After the item sells, you keep 70% of the profits. eBay will a shipping label or a free prepaid box so that you can send off your sold items.

If you send something that valets cannot sell, there is a return fee that is equivalent to a normal shipping charge to have it sent back to you. Valets cannot make changes to your listings after they are active on eBay.

You will be able to call and cancel a listing and request that your item be return to you, but there is a $10 return fee per order. eBay vets its Valets, who have rigorous standards.

Valets must be able to list 100,000 eBay listings every month and have enough storage capacity sufficient to hold and manage items that were received for at least 21 calendar days.

The valets must also have the ability to list items across all eBay categories and have a physical presence in all major metropolitan hubs in the U.S. They must also have a demonstrated ability to reach Top Rated Seller status on eBay within 90 days of starting valet services. eBay Valet accepts electronics, like-new shoes/handbags, antiques, appliances, sporting goods, musical instruments, and car parts. eBay Valet does not accept clothes, DVDs/CDs, and high-end valuables.

eBay Valet was designed by the Israel Innovation Center. eBay Valet is currently a “pilot” program. You can download the app here.

[Source: TC]