eBay Is Launching A Same Day Delivery Service By The End Of The Year

Posted Jul 22, 2013

Last week, eBay chief executive officer John Donahoe that the company will start rolling out same-day delivery options for eBay.com transactions where buyers and sellers are located in the same area.  The buyers will be able to select immediate delivery or a time window later in the day to receive the delivery.  They will also have the option to pick their product up or set up normal shipping.

?On the core eBay site by the end of the year, we will give those choices on items on the eBay marketplace where the buyer is in the same city as the seller,? stated Donahoe.

eBay’s same-day delivery services is currently available through the eBay Now mobile application and mobile website.  Shoppers in Manhattan, San Francisco, and San Jose can order from stores like Home Depot, Walgreens, and Macy’s.  They can receive delivery in around an hour.  eBay employs the delivery person and charges around $5 for the service.

Earlier today, eBay announced the launch of eBay Now for the desktop.  eBay said that daytime deliveries during offices hours have seen the most activity.  Fridays are the highest volume sales days of the week.  The desktop version organizes goods by store brands and lets shoppers track where the product is in terms of delivery.  This service will be available in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City along with the Bay Area starting today.  The next two cities will be Chicago and Dallas.

eBay’s same day delivery service competes against Google Shopping Express and AmazonFresh.