eBay Is Lowering Their Seller Fees

Posted Mar 19, 2013

eBay will be eliminating listing fees and will be simplifying the rates for sellers in order to appeal more business on their platform versus competitors like Amazon.com and Google.  eBay will also let sellers list many items for free.  The changes will be applied in April and will be the company’s first major update in pricing for many years.

“The update is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to be the most competitively priced commerce platform in the U.S. today, offering sellers of all sizes a great deal and being a partner of choice for merchants, and to make eBay the best place to sell online,” stated an eBay representative when interviewed by CNET.

eBay will be charging between 4 and 10% per product.  These new fees are lower than what Amazon.com charges.  Amazon charges between 6 and 15% per product.

eBay currently will have to plans to choose from.  If you have an eBay Stores subscription ($16-$300 per month), fees will range at between 4% and 9% at 2,500 free listings per month.  If you do not have the subscription, sellers will get 50 free listings per month and will have to pay a 10% fee on all items.

Since Amazon.com has been hiking their prices over the past year and a half and eBay is dropping their prices, sellers may move bring their inventory to eBay from Amazon.  Amazon’s increase in fees are likely due to maintain high quality standards as transportation costs increases along with customer expectations.