eBay Launches eBay Bucks Rewards Program In Beta

Posted Apr 1, 2009

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) is gearing up to launch a new service called eBay Bucks. eBay Bucks enables users to earn a 2% reward on items that they purchase through the online auction website. eBay also rewards people for using PayPal. eBay reward coupons arrive quarterly in the form of gift certificates. These certificates can be used to buy other items through the website within 30 days.

However not everyone is eligible for signing up for this service quite yet. The program is still in beta and is only available by invitation only. eBay is randomly selecting active users to enroll for the program. Everyone else will see the program open up in the next several months.

Another cashback reward program eBay has done in the past is a partnership with Microsoft. Those who searched using Live.com would be able to buy items at discounted prices from eBay. Microsoft would have subsidized the difference.

Items that sell through eBay Motors would be ineligible for the program and users could earn up to $500 per quarter.

[via AP]