eBay Launches Project Echo Today, Providing APIs To Outside Developers

Posted Jun 16, 2008

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) announced today that they are launching Project Echo today.  Project Echo is a project that focuses on providing third party developers some APIs to build around their site.  The applications that the developers build will be embedded in the Selling Manager tool. 

eBay has roughly 700,000 sellers that will use these applications on the sales dashboard. 

“We are opening up the eBay site to help developers and sellers make more money, which is what this is all about,” stated Max Mancini, eBay’s Sr. Director of Platform and Disruptive Innovation.

Many companies have been providing APIs to developers recently.  Facebook, Apple, and Salesforce Inc. are a few examples.  Outside developers have already created 12,000+ programs to make selling and buying simpler for ebay users.

“Rather than having eBay try to build every feature, we should open up the platform and integrate others’ work,” added Mancini. “We have realized that we need to allow sellers and developers to get together a little bit more easily.”

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