eBay Launches WorldOfGood.com, An Online Market With A Good Cause

Posted Sep 3, 2008

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) is gearing up to launch WorldOfGood.com, an online marketplace that focuses on positive social and environmental impacts. eBay worked with a start-up company called World of Good Inc. to develop this new site.

World of Good Inc. is a hybrid between of a technology start-up and their non-profit organization. Both divisions work together to use commerce for helping the needy. eBay is licensing the name for the website. World of Good will share revenue with eBay.

WorldofGood.com sells goods at fixed prices that have a positive impact on people across the world. Shoppers on WorldofGood wll be able to view the way that goods are produced in the supply chain process. If there was any child labor involved, the goods will not be eligible for WorldofGood. Sellers are verified by Rainforest Alliance and Co-op America.

“We really want consumers to drill down into the detail of what’s behind that product,” stated Robert Chatwani, General Manager of WorldofGood.com.

Payments on WorldofGood will be done through PayPal. WorldofGood is launching tomorrow with a few hundred sellers and this includes some of eBay’s current merchant sellers.

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