eBay Announces eBay Now App To Have Items Get Delivered In An Hour

Posted Oct 10, 2012

eBay has announced an eBay Now application at the Highline Stages in New York.  The eBay Now app lets shoppers order items and get them delivered in around an hour.  This feature is only available in San Francisco for right now.  eBay also announced a new website that focuses on personalization.

“Today is about the future of commerce,” stated eBay president David Wenig, “What makes today unique? Speed. Smartphones. Access. During the last election, mobile commerce was a novelty. We now expect $10 billion of shopping annually on eBay mobile apps.”

There are over 100 million active users and 25 million sellers moving around $70 billion worth of merchandise on eBay every year.  eBay’s acquisition of Hunch and Svvply led to the company’s ability to personalize and recommend relevant items using a taste graph.

eBay knows what users searched for and what brands they like.  They also know what their friends have purchased.  “They want us to use all this great data to provide them with the most personalized experiences and products.” An interesting example of this kind of personalization is the eBay Motors app, which lets you add your vehicle and shows you just the parts for that specific make and model during search,” stated eBay CMO Richelle Parhman.

You can see the new eBay interface here.  The user interface of the new eBay is Pinterest-like with a stream of images.  “We’ve solved one of the long standing problems of the internet, which is that search killed the joy of serendipitous shopping,” stated eBay CTO Mark Carges. “You can still find exactly what you want and compare to get the best price. But you can also browse and discover as you would walking through a classic department store.”