eBay Overhauls iPhone App, Gets Push Notifications For Outbids

Posted Aug 14, 2009

The eBay Mobile iPhone application has just received a major update.  The iPhone app allows you to bid on items, search for items, and answer customer questions.  This is especially useful for those that like to power sell on eBay.

There will even be push notifications to bidders that have been outbid.  To respond to being outbid, there is a “View” button that appears in the message which will take you to the item so you can up the offer.  There is also a “Close” button if you choose to ignore it.

There is also PayPal integration in the new eBay iPhone application.  This makes it easier to pay for items within eBay Mobile without having to go directly to the eBay and PayPal websites.

Another great upcoming feature in eBay Mobile will be the ability to easily sell items that you have taken a picture of on your iPhone.

[via PCW]