What Happened To eBay?

Posted Feb 23, 2008

Remember when eBay used to be a pleasant experience? The eBay rush and the excitement of winning an auction is what built eBay into the company it is today. But on the way up the Internet success ladder, eBay, unlike Amazon, forgot about its users. These days, it seems like eBay cares less about its users. Their recent price “decrease” gibberish was an insult to the intelligence of millions of its sellers. Their technical support is a joke. Their site needs a complete overhaul. Their baggage (Skype) needs to be removed. And whats up with not letting sellers give buyers negative feedback anymore? What kind of genius came up with that idea?

eBay’s listings are steadily decreasing. Its sellers are leaving to open their own ecommerce stores. Auction fraud on its listings is rising. Where did eBay go wrong?

I don’t think eBay will be able to fix its problems. It will eventually become Internet history. That company has no idea what its doing anymore. Maybe it should learn a thing or two from Amazon.

The biggest problem with eBay sucking is the small number of alternatives available. All the eBay alternatives I know of suck more than eBay. Someone out there needs to create a new auction platform, raise a few million, and build an eBay killer. I believe its inevitable that a startup will crush eBay’s monopoly.