eBay UK will soon start offer ways to list cryptocurrency sales in February like Bitcoin

Posted Jan 18, 2014

On February 10th, the eBay UK will launch a “virtual currency” category in their classifieds ads section for listing Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and other crypto currencies. eBay users would be able to add listings for the virtual currency, but the purchases through eBay would need to be issued in the government issued currencies.

?To promote a trustworthy marketplace and ensure compliance with applicable regulations, eBay is currently updating its Currency Policy,” stated an eBay spokesperson in an interview with Mashable. “The updated policy will clarify that listings for Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies must be listed in the Virtual Currency Category in the Classified Ad format.”

The company is going to only allow the deals in classified ads formats and the actual transactions would take place outside of eBay. This means that there is no auctions or price-fixed offers.