Oldest Facebook user turns 106 years old

Posted Jan 22, 2014

Edythe Kirchmaier is Facebook’s oldest registered user and she has turned 106 today. Kirchmaier became the oldest Facebook user after the medical aid charity Direct Relief signed her up for an account when she turned 105. Kirchmaier is also the oldest licensed driver in California and is the University of Chicago’s oldest living graduate.

Initially, Facebook blocked her from signing up because she could not enter the birth year of 1908. Facebook’s engineers spent about a month to verify her age and fix that glitch. Kirchmaier enjoys social media because it allows her to check in with her friends and family on a daily basis. She uses Facebook to promote volunteerism and Direct Relief.

“My goal was to get my favorite charity, Direct Relief, better known,” said Kirchmaier in an interview with ABC News. Every Tuesday for 41 years, Kirchmaier drove herself to the Direct Relief offices in Santa Barbara, California to write thank you letters to the charity donors. Kirchmaier has around 45,000 followers on her Facebook page and the fan page for Direct Relief that was set up for her last year now has about 105,000 “likes.”

‘”I never thought we would hit 105,000 likes, but we did. I have been volunteering here for 40 years and it feeds my soul,” said Kirchmaier.