Eighteen Of Motorola’s Patents Gives Google A Tremendous Amount Of Litigious Power

Posted Aug 22, 2011

When Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) acquired Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., they attained 17,000 patents. Of those 17,000 patents, eighteen of them have a tremendous amount of litigious power. Those patents date back to 1994 and cover technology that includes location services, e-mail transmission, touch-screen motions, third-generation wireless networks, antenna designs, etc.

At the start of this year, Google was issued fewer than 1,000 patents. Motorola Mobility would give them another 17,000 patent and 7,500 pending patents.

The International Trade Commission has overseen dozens of cases in relation to smartphones and tablets. Since Google doesn’t profit directly from Android, they have been mostly on the sidelines while their partners were sued such as HTC. However Google is currently facing a legal battle with Oracle Corp. and Skyhook Wireless.