ELDR Media Raises $1.25 Million Seed Funding To Build Celebrate Aging Social Network

Posted Aug 12, 2008

“The Keiretsu Forum process is extremely well-organized,” stated ELDR Media Founder/CEO Chad Lewis. “The percentage of active investors in the membership is high, the networking opportunities are great, the feedback is rapid, and the staff driving the process is excellent.”

ELDR Media is a Berkeley, Calif. based company that aims to inspire people over 60 years old to get over aging.  ELDR has raised $1.25 million in funding.  In order to raise $175K in funding, ELDR had to present to all 4 Bay Area Keiretsu Forum chapters.  ELDR will hire a Head of Sales, build the community, and increase its operating capital.

Keiretsu Forum has 17 chapters across 3 continents with 750 accredited investors.  Keiretsu Forum is the largest network of angel investors.

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