Elevation Dock Raises Over $360,000 On Kickstarter [VIDEO]

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Elevation Dock is a project that went live on Kickstarter. Undocking an iPhone on many other different docks can be rather difficult. Most docks do not work with iPhones with a case on them, but the Elevation Dock does support iPhones with a case. The Elevation Dock is made out of solid aluminum and it has a gorgeous surface. The product was just a concept with a prototype until it was posted on the fund-raising website that everybody loves called Kickstarter.

When Elevation Lab put the project up on Kickstarter, they were hoping to raise $75,000 in 60 days. However they ended up raising well over $360,000 in a week. The dock is colored in silver and matte black. If you support the device while it is on Kickstarter, you will be able to buy the dock in LimeGreen or SunOrange. You can buy the single silver dock for $59.

The dock looks beautiful and I like the fact that it is compatible with phones that have a case. I have had a couple of docks in the past and none of them worked with a case.