Elon Musk: “No Near Term Plans To IPO” SpaceX

Posted Jun 7, 2013

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, has responded to rumors that his private space company SpaceX will be filing for an initial public offering soon.  On Twitter, Musk wrote “No near term plans to IPO @SpaceX. Only possible in very long term when Mars Colonial Transporter is flying regularly.”

Earlier this week, BusinessWeek and CNN suggested that SpaceX may file for an IPO this year.  At one point, Musk considered taking the company public in 2013.  Now he has now plans on taking SpaceX public.  SpaceX is too focused on building a reusable rocket and return it back to Earth rather than splashing down into the water like other rockets do.

In November 2012, Elon Musk said that he wanted to set up space colonies on Mars.  At that time, he said he would be interested in ferrying passengers to Mars for about $500,000 per trip.  The initial trip would start with a group of under 10 people.  These 10 people would journey to Mars with a reusable rocket powered by liquid oxygen and methane.