Elon Musk To Reveal Iron Man-Like Hologram UI Next Week

Posted Aug 25, 2013

Jon Favreau, the director of the Iron Man movies, said that Elon Musk was the inspiration for his depiction of billionaire Tony Stark (Iron Man).  Elon Musk’s SpaceX factory was actually used as a filming location in Iron Man 2 and Musk made a cameo in the movie himself.

In the Iron Man film, Tony Stark uses a hologram interface.  And now Musk has plans to create something similar, which he will be sharing a video of next week.  Musk is known for being an eccentric inventor and comes up with wild concepts.

Earlier this month, Musk presented the idea of the Hyperloop.  The Hyperloop is a new type of transportation system that would be able to travel at a distance of 900 miles at a time.  The Hyperloop involves pods that transport between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

[Iron Man Image: BadassJS]