Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is going to oversee Microsoft Xbox and tablet division

Posted Feb 26, 2014

Former Nokia Stephen Elop was on the short-list of potential CEO candidates at Microsoft before
Satya Nadella was chosen. So what is Elop going to do?

Elop is going to oversee the Microsoft division that includes the Xbox, Surface, entertainment, and gaming division. Elop joined Microsoft after Nokia’s devices and services division was acquired.

Elop is going to replace Julie Larson-Green. Larson-Green is going to join the “My Life & Work” team at Microsoft in the applications and services division. Larson-Green’s title will now be chief experience officer. Elop is going to run the Devices and Studios division, which includes games and the Xbox hardware platform.

Larson-Green ran the division after inheriting it from Don Mattrick. Mattrick left Microsoft to join Zynga as CEO. Elop will also be in charge of the mobile devices division that was acquired from Nokia.

[Source: TechCrunch]