Embarcadero acquires ERwin data modeling tools from CA

Posted Mar 14, 2014

Embarcadero Technologies is acquiring the ERwin data modeling tools from CA Technologies and hiring personnel from that team. This will make data architecture the large part of Embarcadero’s business, according to CEO Wayne Williams.

CA’s ERwin technology is the one of the largest data modeling tools services right now. Over 500 CA partners sold the software in more than 70 countries. CA acquire Erwin from Platinum Technology in 1998. And Platinum Technology acquired ERwin from Logic Works before that.

Organizations can use data architecture for various aspects of IT operations such as application development and business intelligence. Data modeling can influence aspects of IT planning such as database design and analyzing requirements. The data modeling network is expected to continue growing over the next few years.

Embarcadero released its first product in 1993, which was a cross-platform SQL integrated development environment called Rapid SQL. Embarcadero is also known for maintaining the Delphi language and tool base and C++ Builder IDE. Both of these tools were bought from Borland Software in 2007.

Through this acquisition Embarcadero will compete intesenly against IBM, SAP, No Magic, and Mega International. The terms of this deal was undisclosed.

[Source: ComputerWorld]