EMC Acquires Silver Tail Systems

Posted Oct 31, 2012

EMC has acquired Silver Tail Systems, a security systems startup company, for an undisclosed amount.  Silver Tail was started by two former eBay executives, Laura Mather and Mike Eynon.  Ms. Mather has tremendous experience in Internet fraud and Mr. Eynon led the anti-fraud efforts at eBay and PayPal.

Silver Tail is a company that deals with big data and security.  The company watches clicks on websites to look for fraud and can monitor up to around 330,000 clicks per second.  Silver Tail raised $22 million in funding total, which includes a $20 million round that came in June 2011, led by Andreessen Horowitz partner Scott Weiss.

In the 18 months after creating a working product, the company grew like a “tornado” according to Mr. Weiss.  The company works with two-thirds of the top U.S. banks as their customers.  The company hired executives from Cisco, Juniper, and Phoenix Technologies.

EMC is best known for their storage services, but has been diversifying their services since 2010 since then bought RSA Security, Authentica, and Silicium Security.  The company has around $5.45 billion in cash to acquire additional security startups.