EMC COO Pat Gelsinger Replaces VMware CEO Paul Maritz

Posted Jul 17, 2012

[Left: Paul Maritz, Right: Pat Gelsinger]

EMC Corporation COO Pat Gelsinger is replacing VMware CEO Paul Maritz.  Maritz worked at VMware for four years.  VMware is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC.  Maritz is being considered as a candidate to become head of Cloud Foundry, which is a platform-as-a-service business that was started by VMware.

Cloud Foundry grew by leaps and bounds since starting about a year ago.  It grew in popularity since it was an open-source tool for developers to use.  VMware considered making Cloud Foundry a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC.

This was the hope of Cloud Foundry’s original developers.  Greenplum and Project Rubicon, which is a joint venture infrastructure-as-a-service that involve VMware and EMC would be a part of the spin-off.  Other potential successors include Tod Nielsen (co-president of VMware’s application platform business) and Mark Lucovsky (VP of engineering in charge of Cloud Foundry).

Maritz previously worked at Intel where he built tools for developers to create on top of the x86 platform.  After that he worked at Microsoft between 1986 and 2000.  Maritz was the EVP of the Platforms Strategy and Developer Group.  He was often considered the third-ranking executive behind Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer and was responsible for Microsoft’s desktop and server software.  EMC CEO Joe Tucci is planning on retiring.