EMC Corporation Buys Out FastScale Shortly After NetApp

Posted Sep 1, 2009

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) has acquired FastScale Technology.  FastScale is a software vendor for data centers.  This acqusition indicates that EMC wants to get into the private cloud business.  The acquisition will enable EMC to move from data centers to virtualized data centers (private clouds).

The financial details of the acquisition were undisclosed.  FastScale lowers the performance load on virtual machines.  Companies can have data centers with about three times the number of virtual machines without take too much of a toll on performance.

EMC has also partnered with VMware to resell VMware vCenter AppSpeed products.  This allows IT departments to measure performance of applications running on VMware vSphere 4.

This is the second acquisition that EMC announced in the last couple months.  EMC announced the acquisition of Data Domain for $2.1 billion in early July.