EMC Unleashes Symmetrix Virtual Matrix To The Server Market

Posted Apr 15, 2009

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), a server infrastructure company has revealed a new product to the market.  The new product is called the Symmetrix Virtual Matrix (V-Max) and it replaces the former predecessor the DMX-4.  V-Max is powered by Intel quad-core processors and can support around 8 engines and 128 ports.

The V-Max is built on solid-state Flash disk drives, SATA disks, and Fibre Channel.  One EMC V-Max can hold about 2,400 disks and hold 2Pbytes of storage.  Down the line, EMC plans to set-up a way for customers to string a bunch of V-Maxes together to make a highly scalable storage environment.

“Server virtualization has caught fire, and there is no turning back. To realize the ultimate benefit, however, the whole infrastructure stack has to be virtualized and integrated. EMC’s new Virtual Matrix Architecture provides all the missing ingredients required for the virtual data center at the high-end storage layer?infinite effective scale in all dimensions, a single system image to manage and dynamic self-optimization,” stated Steve Duplessie, Senior Analyst of The Enterprise Strategy Group at EMC.

[via EMC PR]