EMG Technology and Allvoice Files Patent Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Posted Aug 19, 2009

Earlier this week Microsoft Corporation asked for an appeal to an injunction for selling Microsoft Word.  Last week a judge issued an injunction on Microsoft for them to stop selling Word software with custom XML functions.  A jury ruled that a patent owned by Canadian software company i4i is being violated by Microsoft.

Microsoft will be forced to pay over $240 million in damages to i4i in the process.  Now that i4i has won a case, a couple of other companies want to get in on the patent action.

Allvoice claims that a speech recognition system used in Windows is violating one of their patents.  And EMG claims that Microsoft is violating a patent they own that revolves around viewing web content on mobile devices.

i4i, EMG, and Allvoice filed the lawsuits in a court in Eastern Texas.  The reason why the cases are filed in this location is because The New York Times labeled that specific court as the “patent lawsuit capital of the nation, where plaintiffs are more likely to get a favorable judgment.”