Eminem Preparing To Launch iPhone Application

Posted May 6, 2009

The Apple iPhone has become one of the most impactful marketing tools.  As Eminem prepares to launch a new album, he has turned to the use of Twitter to showcase his album cover and now he is preparing to use the iPhone as another marketing tool.

Eminem’s fans were shown a screenshot of the iPhone game that is being made in honor of his new album Relapse.  In the screenshot, it appears that Eminem is approaching some sort of zombie with a 2×4 stick of wood.

FBT Productions, a production company that Eminem used to release several tracks sued Universal due to a master recording deal between the record company and Apple.  The judge ruled against FBT claiming that digital album sales are different from sales of traditional CDs.  When Eminem released his first single Crack A Bottle on iTunes, it broke digital sales in the first week with about 418,000 downloads.

[via RapBasement]