Emma Brady Finds Out About Her Divorce via Facebook

Posted Feb 6, 2009

“Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady” was headlined in Neil’s mini-feed on Facebook.  Here’s the twist though: Emma Brady did not see that coming.  That’s right, Neil may be the first reported case of ending a marriage through communicating on social network Facebook.com.  Stay classy, Neil.

Emma, 35, organizes conferences and found out about the marriage ending when a friend read the news feed on Facebook.  Emma’s friend rang to console her about the news which she did not expect.  Someone else even wrote on Neil’s mini-feed message, “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady” that he was better off out of it.

“I have had people who I haven’t spoken to for years contacting me asking what is going on,” stated Emma.  Emma did not confront Neil, 39, until she got home.  Emma and Neil had been married for six years and live in Accrington, Lancashire.  Neil believed that his wife had been seen with another man.

Neil denied that Facebook was the first time that he brought up the divorce.  He said he talked to his wife about the divorce.  “I’d had enough of her.”  As expected, it seems like both Neil and Emma are no longer on Facebook or cannot be found via Facebook’s search.