Emo Labs Speakers Is A Glass Pane That You Can Place On TVs

Posted Sep 27, 2009

Emo Labs is a company that presented at the DEMO conference and won the DEMOgod prize along with the DEMO People’s Choice Award. Emo Labs has developed a speaker that plays high quality sound despite the limited space used for developing HDTVs. The speakers are essentially invisible and leaves a “zero-footprint.” Listening to Emo’s speakers is essentially like it is coming right out of the television display.

The disadvantage of external speakers is that they have many cords that you have to deal with. Essentially you have to plan your room according to how big the cords are. Emo Labs speakers looks like a glass pane and becomes invisible when placed on a TV screen, hence the name Invisible Speaker System.

Emo Labs is formerly known as Unison Products Inc. The company ls led by Jason L. Carson who joined as CEO in 2006.