Employee In Africa Fired For Writing His Boss Is A “Serial Masturbator” On Facebook

Posted May 30, 2009

I’ve heard of several cases where an employer has fired people because of Facebook photos, but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone getting fired for writing a funny status message on the social network.

A employee in Johannesburg was fired and two other were suspended for writing Facebook updates that their respective employers found were inappropriate.  The employee that was fired is a 23 year old admin clerk at a clothing factory located in Southern Durban.  He called his boss a “serial masturbator” and was reported by a co-worker.  Talk about a snitch, eh?

Another employee was suspended for “punting a competitor’s product” on the social network on her profile homepage.  Lastly, another 25 year old employee in Pretoria was suspended for discussing the laziness of her employer.  Supposedly writing negative remarks about work situations and environments can be considered online defamation and can lead to the loss of a job in certain areas of Africa.

Unfortunately the case of these three individuals, it cost them their jobs and reputations.  If you want to complain about your job, I suggest you write about it in your notebook diary that no one will ever read at home.  Don’t discuss it on the Internet.  And for those of you that enjoy eating lizards on an island, don’t post pics of it on Facebook either.

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